The Best Decisions,

Powered by the Best Data.

DARIUS brings together the data, technology and people to plan for a better tomorrow.

MEET DARIUS – the Data and Analytics Resource for Infrastructure of the United States.

DARIUS is a powerful computing platform that enables private and public partners to realize our nation’s long-term goals of building infrastructure for the future.  Get real facts on the ground to model and analyze, ensuring your plans make strategic, sound decisions about social, environmental and financial impacts.  

Use the Best Data, Make the Best Decisions.

Through DARIUS, users are able to access a pre-populated, pre-classified colorized point cloud – a true digital twin – created at survey grade, be it a major metro, minor suburb, or rural landscape.  Long thought cost-prohibitive for all but the most sophisticated organizations, DARIUS’s proprietary data collection and classification techniques now make this cost effective, joint use platform available for public, private and academic sectors whose job it is to make our country’s infrastructure reliable, efficient, resilient and affordable.

Quote from Key Partner:

SMG is nothing short of driven. Committed to excellence and doing the right thing, SMG exemplifies Florida Power & Light’s core values as they work alongside our Technology and Innovation team. By working to improve FPL’s flight profile and collection methods, SMG is enhancing our storm response and infrastructure using LiDAR technology.

SMG has pivoted and grown as a company with the use of new manned flights that improve drone performance through the analysis of altitude, speed and angle. It is exciting to see this growth and how far they have come with their innovative technology. Thank you to FPL’s in-house innovation hub, 35 Mules, for fostering this connection. 

-Eric Schwartz, Manager of Technology and Innovation team for FPLAir

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